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Curtain Walling In North London

If you are wondering what exactly a curtain wall is, we would like to mention that it is a thin ,wall-like structure which is attached to the building for protection. It is usually framed in aluminum but has in-fills of glass, thin some or metal panels. The framing is attached to the building in such a way that it does not carry the roof load of the building. The framed wall came largely into use in the 1930s and became quite popular for non-military use after world war1.
The modern curtain walls are offered in many avatars right from the basic structure to specialized and customized forms.

ADV And Curtain Walling

ADV supplies the topmost quality of curtain walling in north London. If you are looking around for a
curtain wall system then ADV is the most obvious choice. We provide curtain walling manufacturing and installation services. You will be amazed at the professionalism and dedication we offer. We don’t stop at just curtain walling installing. We also offer curtain wall repair. With us, you can be assured of expertise, flexibility, and a perfect job.

Curtain Wall Repair

We make it a point to retain the buildings after we are through with the installation of the curtain walling. Our experts make it sure that they can plan the regular upkeep of the curtain walling. We also look after the maintenance, repairs, and replacements of the curtain walling. The maintenance team makes it a point that the best possible services are carried out at regular intervals to check if the system is functioning properly or not. It also aims to evaluate the existing condition of the system. It helps in identifying the need for replacement, repair or maintenance. It also helps in identifying a time frame for the same

Advantages of Curtain Walling

Thermal Performance

Due to the presence of the glazing infill panel, the thermal performance of the curtain walling system is optimum. Materials such as PVC, polyurethane or Neoprene rubber are used to maximize the thermal performance.


Use of thickened and insulated glass helps in reducing the volume of the external sound steaming in. Use of polyvinyl butyral or PVB is done to make the building acoustic proof.

Moisture Protection

You will often be surprised at the degree of Water penetration resistance. It is due to the presence of glazing, interior sealants, perimeter flashings and seals along with frame gaskets.

Back Pans

These are the metallic sheets which are usually made from aluminum or galvanized steel. They are attached to the curtain wall framing along the perimeter. They help in making the curtain walling well insulated. They not only provide insulation but also make for a second line of defence against water infiltration.

Visual Appeal

Due to the presence of glazing and other features, the curtain walling looks pleasant and appealing to the eyes. Steel stiffeners which have been inserted in the hollow aluminum frame help in the reduction of frame depth.

Fire Safety

Smoke seal in the gaps between the floor slab edge and the curtain wall slows down the spread of fire. Lab-tested fire assemblies are installed in buildings which require maximum fire protection.

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