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Contemporary roller shutters fuse aesthetics, elegance, and sophistication to display a great verge of uniqueness whenever applied. Although generally required for security reasons, modern roller shutters a fancy designer approach suitable for every commercial building, coastal home, and retail shops. Depending on the location of your business or home, ADV Contractors manufacturers and installers are able to evaluate all related concerns and derive the best suitable rolling shutters.

The Roller Shutter Types We Provide

  • Aluminium Roller Shutters
  • Acoustic Roller shutters
  • Galvanized Roller Shutters
  • High-Speed Roller Shutters
  • Continental Roller Shutters
  • Wind resistant Rollers Shutters

Roller Shutter Installation

Every building is unique and so, a unique approach of Majestic Shutter Installation must be derived. As a mastermind behind numerous excellently displayed roller shutters, we pioneer innovative ideas to help you secure your home, business, or mall with competitive roller shutters. We are able to produce different kinds of roller shutters in a variety of colours and right dimensions. Generally, these roller shutters are produced in standard colours “brown and white”, but our professional designers aesthetically alter these shutters according to client choices.

These roller shutters are made with durably designed slats that allow no intrusions and debris inside your premises. We also provide insulated shutters that promote energy efficiency by modifying temperatures according.

All desired specifications are embedded on your roller shutters as specified.

Industrial & Commercial Shutters

Our Industrial roller shutters are generally galvanized to prevent unauthorized access into the factory premises. Our industrial roller shutters have the following qualities;

  • Heavy-duty roller shutters
  • Completely galvanized
  • Perforated, Punched, or Perforated
  • Manually, Automatically, or Electrically Operated
  • High level of acoustics
  • Wide, raised, or lowered as required
  • High-Speed roller shutters
  • High-grade quality

All commercial and industrial roller shutters are made to transform the appearance of your building. We are automatically concerned about several factors such as the unwanted noise, bad weather, burglary, fire breakout, accidents and energy efficiency and that is why our shutters are designed to ensure all this.

Domestic Roller shutters

Garages are the main part of the home that requires roller shutters. We provide the right roller shutters in any size, colour, and specifications. We pioneer modern domestic shutters with a high insulation level and designed to protect your glass doors from damage. These domestic shutters are designed as per your requirement to suit your luxury home. They can be manually or electrically operated. They generally have a long lifespan and are easily maintained.

Motorized/Electric Roller Shutters

For entrepreneur security and safety of their premises matters a lot but this is not only a matter of concern for businessmen. Homeowners also consider security as a primary concern. The security of your property can only be ensured with the help of roller shutters. But don’t go for traditional roller shutters, you have to go with electric or motorized roller shutters. Since these type of automatic shutters offer you smooth functioning as well.

In addition to this, ADV contractors are well-known for better service because we are dealing in each and every type of roller shutters, whether you want to install electric roller shutters or normal ones.

Moreover, as the name depicts these motorized shutters are worked with a tubular motor which further connected to an electric switch. If you are struggling for security components then you must visit us once we will surely help you to find the right product.

Let’s have a look at electric shutters working and understand the utilities of these shutters.

How do electric shutters work?

No doubt, these type of shutters are made of strong and durable material which is useful to maximize your security and safety as well. These shutters are operated with the help of electric switch and you do not need to open or close it with human force. You can simply operate them from any corner of your commercial building or home. So, the working of electric shutters is too simple as compared to traditional ones.

Utilities of electric shutters

Not everyone aware of the benefits of motorized rolling shutters. These shutters offer you security, energy-efficient, sun protection, reduce your electricity bills, and require less maintenance. Furthermore, you can also customize them in any shape, size, and design.

In order to install these shutters at your property, you just visit or contact us on given contact numbers.



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