ADV Contractors expert guide: How to clean the roller shutter interior?

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ADV Contractors expert guide: How to clean the roller shutter interior?

ADV Contractors Expert Tip: Cleaning roller shutter from the inside

When our team ‘ADV Contractors’ visit for the service of the Roller shutter Repair in London they often note that the shutters are dusty and dirty. Do you make such a mistake? If Yes, then you do not neglect the part of cleaning the shutters.

No matter whether the shutter is installed in the shopfronts, home, office, or any other area, cleaning them from outside as well inside is of paramount importance for their working. It might seem a whole lot of task but maintenance is much easier when you know, ‘How to clean the roller shutters to make them brand-new?’ In this blog, we have mentioned the expert tips shared by the professionals on how you can make your shutters look brand new all the time.

Insider list: Roller shutter cleaning from the interior

Tip 1: Take out the debris and dust

Initially, you need to wipe off the dust and debris from the shutter panel. In case the shutters are painted then you need to regularly wipe off the dust and debris. If you wait for too long then the dust will get abrasive which can even lead to scratches.

For proper cleaning, you need to consider this part. Make sure that you first clean the dirt and then only use water so that it does not stick to the shutter surface.

ADV team Pro Tip

For cleaning use a soft and clean microfiber cloth or you can use an old t-shirt. This is the step, where you have to remove the dirt, dust, and debris from the shutter as much as you can.

Tip 2: Wipe down the shutter with warm water and mild detergent

For removing the stain, debris, and dirt you need to mix warm water and mild detergent or soap. Dip the cloth into the mixture and then wipe the shutter surface. Make sure that you clean every nook & corner of the shutter. Don’t be too harsh while cleaning.

Once you are done, then again clean the entire surface, so that any left dirt or residue is wiped off. Then you should clean the shutter with the same mixture but do that in an up & down motion. Side-by-side cleaning might make the shutter misaligned.

Tip 3: Clean the roller shutter guides with a soft brush

Once you are done with the shutter slats, go for the guides. For this, you need to use a soft brush to take away any dust, debris, and dirt. Then. use warm water to clean the detergent solution sprayed on the guide. Don’t lower the shade until it is completely dry.

Tip 4: Use clean water to wipe the surface and let it dry

Then use clean water, so that the soap & debris is taken out. Make sure you use clean water for both the interior & exterior surface. To wipe down the water use a microfiber or old shirt to wipe away everything left on the shutter panel. Now! You have the brand-new-looking roller shutter, just the way you had them when they were installed for the first time.

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