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Personnel Access or P.A. door works best for the enclosed spaces and premises. It allows seamless access to authorized people. One common definition or term often used for personnel access doors is ‘Personal Access door’. In our opinion, this term stands incorrect as the access that these doors provide is not personal or exclusive to one person.

Personnel doors are made the people’s size. Hence, these are better called Personnel Access Doors. Choosing the right doors for your business premises is an essential step in ensuring a safe and accessible environment.

What Do You Need To Know Before Choosing a Personnel Access Door?

It is a matter of security. You must not be complacent about it. Hence, the right P.A. door installation is the wisest decision for your business. Let’s see what you must consider before choosing personnel access doors.

Think Hard About the Material

Two types of material are popular for making the P.A. doors – tube and brace. The door material would decide the lifespan, cost, accessibility, and durability.

Both tube and brace doors are the best option if you install P.A. doors for sheds or garages. While the tube door is comparatively more expensive than the brace door. On the contrary, brace doors are not durable. Often brace doors get damaged while transporting due to its weaker metal sheet material. The doors made of the tube are tough and durable.

What’s in the Packaging?

As mentioned above, a P.A. door can face damage or breakdown during handling or transportation. Packaging plays an important role in preventing damage. Some suppliers just carelessly strap a shed door to a pallet. While some suppliers design customized packaging as per the product. The latter option stands better at protecting the door.

We at ADV Contractors provide what’s best for you.

Access the Door Furniture

It is worth it to find out the essentials before ordering the door. You could need a –

  • Lockset
  • Knob
  • Lever & others

As soon as you have finalized the requirements for your P.A. door, just give a call to the ADV team. We are here to provide the best-tailored solutions.

Prehung Door

Prehung doors are usually hung on the metal hinges and these are ready for PA door installation when required. Choosing a prehung door saves a lot of time and effort. It is better to find out if the door you need has a prehung option.

Another option to choose from is the door itself which is relatively a cheaper option. Remember, you need to bear the Shed PA door installation charges for the door-only products.


Is your supplier available whenever you need them? Plus, does your supplier hold the stock for standard doors? Keep in mind the production turnaround period and costs.

What do ADV Contractors have in Store for you?

In general, we manufacture standard and advanced P.A. doors, designed to meet today’s security demands. We aim to keep your business premises accessible, safe, and secure.

Shed P.A. Doors

These doors are manufactured with

  • Folded edges
  • Reversible door handle
  • Steel facing
  • Four-sided steel jamb for shedding

We built the doors with a standard size of 2040mm x 820mm with a knob lock set and industrial hinges. We love to deliver customized solutions, so we provide knob/lever egress locksets as well.

Metal P.A. Doors

Our personnel access doors are fully metal-clad, wrapped, and sealed. These are built for everlasting usage, durability, resilience, and peak performance. Metal P.A. doors come with-

  • 180-degree opening standard
  • Galvanized sub-frame
  • Tough powder-coated finish
  • Prehung steel personnel door
  • 2040mm high x 820 wide opening
  • Standardized lever/knob combo exit levers

We offer a wide range of customized P.A. doors that are certainly easy to operate. They are fully available at the best prices.

Why Us?

From showcasing to P.A. door installation, we walk with you shoulder-to-shoulder. If you are in search of the ideal personnel access door supplier, then ADV Contractors is the right place. We bring accessibility closer to you!

Experience & Expertise

We have been manufacturing and selling doors since the dawn of industrialization. Our in-house technicians and mechanics are frequently trained to provide the best to the clients.

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority

There’s no point in running a business if the customers are not satisfied and we keep our customers’ happiness on the top. We leave no stone unturned in delivering the right and best solutions.

Multiple P.A. Doors’ Services

We are here to provide each service related to personnel access doors, ranging from selling, installing, servicing to repairing.

Customized Solutions

We believe that one solution does not work for everyone since every business has its own demands, functions, and premises. We love to deliver the solution that works wonders for you.

Constant Support

ADV Contractors does not leave you stranded. We deliver top-notch after-sales services to keep the doors running smoothly. We are just a call away to handle all your P.A. doors problems.