How much is the total cost to fix the security roller shutter cable?

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How much is the total cost to fix the security roller shutter cable?

How much is the cost to fix roller shutters?

Roller shutters are one of the essential measures for boosting the safety and security of the whole place. However, professional service is needed to ensure they work effectively from time to time. If you have installed roller shutters for the Shopfronts in London, then calling the expert team for maintenance every few months or from time to time is extremely crucial to make your investment last for longer. If the roller shutter is damaged, then here is the amount you have to pay for.

Roller shutter cost is analyzed through different factors

The roller shutter servicing or fixing can cost around $300 to $1000. The total cost for the Shutter Repair In London depends on other factors that the experts analyze. Some of those factors are:

Roller shutter size

Roller shutter quality construction

If your premises have a steel roller shutter, it’s slightly on a heavier side which might cost more money. Additionally, the option of manual and electric roller shutter will even make a difference in the cost, and that is determined through the following:

  • Smaller manual roller shutter is going to cost around $300 to $350
  • Larger electric powdered versions cost around $900 to $1000 or more. It even cost more than that.

How do you get the roller shutter serviced?

When you call the professionals for shutter servicing or repair, they will ask you about what measures you take to get the roller shutter servicing. Once the shutters are installed, it is essential to get the cleaning of shutters at least every few months, and here is some desired information for the same:

  • Every 6 months, if you are present in the metro suburb areas
  • Every 4 months if you are present in the rural area
  • Every 2 months if you are present in coastal areas

Following the given timeline will ensure the shutters are not that dirty. Additionally, while cleaning the roller shutter, make sure to use a mild detergent mixed with water. You can soak a cotton shirt or use a soft bristle broom to use the given mixture for cleaning the roller shutter surface. By doing so, the dirt and dust will get wiped from the roller shutter surface easily.

What is the method to fix a stuck roller shutter?

You need to ensure all the moving parts of the roller shutter are sprayed from time to time. The desired amount of lubrication is essential, and for the same, you need to use the WD-40. Using the WD-40 will help all the moving parts get to loosen up. Make sure you get the box opened on the slat top and check it further.

Get in touch with an experienced team of roller shutter technician

If you are looking to get the roller shutter serviced, then get hold of the ADV Contractors team to make it function most effectively.