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Expert Answer: Commonly Asked Questions About Roller Shutters

A Roller shutter is an essential installment in the household and the industrial area. So if you have not yet installed one on your premises, this is your time to shine. People primarily use roller shutters to maximize the protection or security of the premises as it helps shield the area from any potential burglary or theft. Domestic or commercial property should always be safe no matter what. Compromising such an important thing is never an option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roller Shutters

There are many questions that people ask about roller shutters. We have gathered a few of them, hoping that they might help you in some way or another.

  • Do roller shutter door scones with a warranty period?

Most of the time, a roller shutter comes with at least a 12-month warranty period. Most bog manufacturing companies that build them also give the services of roller shutter repair that comes under their warranty card. If you face any kind of problem in the function of the operation of the roller shutter, we will fix it for free at that sanction of time. To top it off, if you are interested in increasing the warranty period, you can opt for a maintenance contract to breach the warranty from 12 months to 24 months.

  • Can I paint my roller shutter in the desired color?

Yes, you can, in fact, ask us to paint your roller shutter as you desire. Just like the Shopfront in London, it is evident that roller shutter should also bring value to the property while simultaneously bringing an aesthetic look. Almost all the roller shutter comes with a basic factory finish, and in that period of time, we can paint the roller shutter for a better and more polished look. There is a possibility to choose a painting or even powder coating. Based on your choice of material for the roller shutter, we will finalize the technique for the colouring.

  • How long does it take to install the roller shutter on the property?

The time period for the roller shutter instalment solely depends on various things, which include the type of roller shutter you have selected. Manual and electric roller shutters both need different time sets for the instalment. On average, from the time of the confirmation of the order to the selection of designs, it all takes around 3 to 4 weeks before we will start the process of installing the security door. Do not worry; before confirmation of the order, we will give you the estimation of the specific delivery time.

  • Who should I buy the roller shutter from?

ADV Contractor is one of the most reliable options for installing the roller shutter on your premises. If you are thinking about installing a roller shutter, you contact us. We provide customized roller shutters with high-quality materials. With excellent services and extraordinary staff members, we thrive on giving the best to our customers.

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