Everything you need to know about fire-rated roller shutters

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Everything you need to know about fire-rated roller shutters

Are you looking for a roller shutter?

No doubt you will make the best choice by choosing the shutters for your place, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. While looking for shutters, you should even consider the ones which offer fire-resistant features. The roller shutters are even a preferred choice for the Shopfronts in London as they will act as a cover against the shopfront to make the place safeguard against different factors in all ways.

Are you thinking is it even possible to get fire-rated shutters?

YES! The fire-resistant shutters are of great value to the entire property. These offer a significant amount of durability and sturdiness. The fire roller shutters combine great appearance and even provide excellent features to make the property stand apart from the rest.

Be careful!

No matter which sort of roller shutters are installed on the premises, regular maintenance is essential. If you notice the roller shutter working is not as smooth, or it’s not the way it used to be, then get hold of the professional team for Roller Shutter Repairs In London to make the shutters work in the proper manner.

Through the fire-rated roller shutters, the building is protected against fire incidents, and it even acts like a safe exit point when the fire spreads in the building. Let’s understand better about the fire-rated roller shutter in the next section.

Fire-rated roller shutters offer different functionality

Can be effectively installed in limited space

The installation of a fire-rated roller shutter is possible even in a limited space. These come with maximum opening size, which is not possible with the traditional hinged doors.


The fire-rated roller shutters are available with different fire ratings in the market. Now, it’s your choice which one you would like to opt for to make the premises secure in all ways. The various fire-rated roller shutters available in the market are:

  • 2-hour fire rating
  • 4-hour fire rating
  • 6-hour fire rating
  • 8-hour fire rating

& much more. Depending on your needs, you can select the roller shutter to make the place safe and secure against unfortunate fire events.


Fire-rated roller shutter manufactured with inventive technology

The fire-rated shutters come with innovative technology, which is the reason, along with fire safety, they can offer improved safety and security. Additionally, there are even operational devices and enhanced safety devices, which makes it a great choice. Through professional assistance, you will get premium-grade shutters that offer high performance. The main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction in all ways.


Additional features of fire-rated roller shutters

Here are some of the features available with the roller shutter:

  • The Roller shutter is installed vertically, and even the material offers more excellent assistance.
  • You can get the roller shutter in various finishes, and even the powder coated ones are available
  • Added fusible links are there, which helps in ensuring the doors can slide on their own.
  • High-grade steel is used, making all the shutter door components solid & effective.
  • Get the custom-built roller shutters through professional help so that it perfectly matches the place.