How do automated swing gates work? What to do if they stop functioning?

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How do automated swing gates work? What to do if they stop functioning?

The swing gates are the ones that are designed to operate through automation. A giant variety of actuators can be used for their operation. If you want to get them installed at your property, then you can consult the ADV Contractors who are well-known for their services like the roller shutter repair in London and the shopfronts manufacturing.

So as you might have guessed, today’s blog is going to be all about the automatic swing gates and the actuator used to operate them.

What is the functioning of the underground actuators?

If your gate is very weighty and the use of other actuators could not make it possible to carry out the entire swinging operations with precision, then the underground actuators could be relied on.

On which basis, the underground actuator is used?

Based on the size and the shape of the gate, it is decided whether the above-ground actuator is to be used or the underground actuator.

Which element in the swing gates help in the movement?

The self-locking motor which is incorporated in the making of the swing gates is accountable for causing the movements.

What happens when the stop button is pressed?

No sooner the stop button is pressed than the swing immediately switches to the operating mode. And after that, the swing gets operated to the reset mode.

What is the functioning of the locking device?

The locking device is responsible for unblocking the electrical drive. This unlocking is then followed by the rotation of the swing panel.

How long does the gate remain open?

The gate remains open for the set time. Once the decided time is over, then the electrical drive makes the swing gate get reset. And also keep it clear that the gate is supposed to remain open until the next operation is performed.

What happens in case any power failure comes into existence?

In the wake of the power failure, there is a standby power mode that is inbuilt in the proper functioning of the swing gate.

Which feature will be helpful in case any emergency comes into existence?

The special feature of the mechanical release lock will give you the manual control to open the gate in any direction in case of any emergency and if the door stops functioning normally.


The swing gates are hugely beneficial because they are automated and energy-efficient. When you install these you become free from the botheration of the opening and closing operations. These are also great for the shops and stores that encounter the giant traffic.

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