How do we manufacture and install security-enhancing personnel doors?

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How do we manufacture and install security-enhancing personnel doors?

ADV contractors can secure many kinds of businesses and industrial units with the manufacturing of roller shutters, personnel doors & shopfronts and with the services like roller shutter repair in London. We have always desired to provide our customers with the best quality products. To know how satisfied our customers have been with our service, you can take a testimonial tour of our websites. It will give you a clear idea of the fact whether you are supposed to visit us or not.

So in this blog post, we have decided to talk particularly about the personnel doors


We aim to bring the ultimate strength and robustness to our personnel doors. That’s why we always make use of steel to manufacture them. With our special kind of the make, we make sure that none of the following mentioned features gets compromised:

  • Supreme Level of the Security
  • Resistance to breaking the attempts
  • Protection against fire

The scope of the modification is always available

The personnel doors manufactured at the ADV contractors always do have the scope for the modifications. You can specify to us what you want, and we promise you to provide the exact fit of your requirements.

If you are demanding the shorter one, then the large openings will be cut down. On the other hand, if you are willing to get the taller door, then infilling of the panels will be sufficient.

Usually, all our designs are bespoken, but you can’t imagine the level of quality and the creativity when it comes to the dimensions: 2600*2960mm

Which special things are we offering for the business?

When it is about the business, then we intend to facilitate our clients with the following:

  • Great and highly enhanced security system
  • Substation Doors
  • The best fire rated personnel doors
  • Fire exit doors
  • Based on our client’s requirement, we provide the integrated intercom system
  • Powder coating
  • The steel doors can also be made to suit the specifications as per the fire rating.


Which kind of installation process do we follow?

Our installation procedure is a 3-stage process that involves the following:

Measurements are taken

First of all, a survey of the site will be required. Based on which the measurements will be taken. These measurements play a crucial role in the manufacturing of the befitting personnel doors as not all the doors are of the standard size.


When the manufacturing process is still going on, we make sure that we keep a great touch with the clients, so that they can provide feedback and get eventually satisfied with what we have presented them.

Repair and the maintenance

The installation of the personnel doors or the roller shutters have never been sufficient. But if we are aiming to enjoy the services in the long run, then we must keep up with the repair and the maintenance measures.

Final Comments!

If you are interested in incorporating the personnel doors at your property, then please let us know. We shall promise you to provide the best quality doors.