What is the importance of window displays in attracting customers?

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What is the importance of window displays in attracting customers?

The retailers want to encounter more traffic as compared to their competitors. And because of that, they are ready to do everything which can help them to fetch more and more traffic. One thing that all the retailers are quintessentially focusing on is the incorporation of eye-catching window displays that just hypnotizes the customers to buy by showcasing the premium look.

But still, some retailers are confused about the designing aspects of the shopfronts. So in today’s blog, we are going to mention all those important points which are important for everyone to know. So let us begin:

  • Attract the first time visitors

shopfrontsThe regular customers are sure to visit you but the huge task lies in attracting the first time visitors. To tempt such visitors, the window displays play a giant role. Besides, the older customers take pride in telling the people that they consider you for taking the services.


The window display is not only beneficial because it helps the customers to know what the brand is all about. But the design of the interior, window displays and the shopfronts are accountable for providing the customers with the positive and good vibes. Vibes are something which fetch the customers towards you.

The window display is your personality

The window display helps you to display your personality. If you can reflect the right character with the window displays then you can for sure grab the attention of the people. They will be convinced to stop and make their way into your shop.

Noteworthy Point

We cannot ignore the importance of the budget. The budget is the primary factor that you need to consider before specifying anything. Because some specifications cannot fit in your budget.

  • Massage and Goals should be clear




First of all, you need to consider what are your expectations from the window display. How do you want to use it for fetching the customers? So for that, you have to be very with the goal of your window display. Also, try to strategize for the designing aspects of the window display which will help you to convey the message about your products.

A little piece of advice

When you are thinking about the placement of the products on your window display, make sure you are choosing the homogenous products for the placement in one row.


This is the most admired business tactic which almost all the shopkeepers use to fetch the traffic. According to a survey, people tend to get attracted more towards window displays which tell a story behind the origin of the product. You can create the story in any aspect. It can be the experience of some individual or it can be the way with which it is used.


You must have an idea about how you want all the elements to be linked with each other through the colour combinations, shades and various other elements.


While thinking about the theme, your primary motive should be to know how you can be different from other retailers.

Once you are done with the planning, then the next step is to execute the conceptualized plan. For execution, you may need the following items:

  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Stapler
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver


Once you are 50% done, then step out on the street and see whether your conceptualization is getting executed as per what you have thought?

Eye-level focal point

When people do have a glance at the window display, they tend to look at a single window for at least 2.5 seconds. These songs are crucial for the windows displays to make the first impression. So the most appealing decorations should be done in a way that they are easy to see from the eye-level focal point.