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“We Are Doctors Who Treat The Sick Roller Shutters”: ADV Contractors

ADV Contractors are known for manufacturing the best kind of roller shutters and the shopfronts in London. Apart from that, you can also prairie them for providing excellent repairs for worn-out roller shutters.

Here are some of the reasons for which may need us for repairs:

Excessively Accumulated Debris

If you are not keeping up with the good cleaning measures, then the disturbing elements like the debris, grease and dirt may get stuck between the following:

  • Shutter’s Runners
  • Tracks

Damaged Slats

If the operation of your shutters is not responding to you in the right way, then there may be some faults in the slats. The damage to the slats of the roller shutters can be caused owing to negligence like slam closing the shutters.

Avoid Making The Biggest Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes which people in London do is-

If they find that the roller shutter is working perfectly fine despite one of its slats being broken, then it would cause the damage to catch all of the shutters in its prey.

The Motor May Be The Culprit

What is the benefit of London being a cold area, if its coldness cannot prevent the motor from overheating? The motor failure could emerge as either a temporary issue or a permanent issue.

In case, it comes out to be permanent which is preventing the roller shutter from operating smoothly, then it is a tell-tale sign that the roller shutter repair professionals need to be called.

Erc (Emergency Release Chains) Issues

Be it a manual roller shutter or the electric roller shutter, every shutter does have an emergency release chain. I know people in London are so smart that they keep a check on these chains. If you have not been smart yet, then here is the opportunity. Check the ERC of your roller shutter and come out as a smart dude.

Way To Check

People in London disengage the brake of the motor and keep on pulling the chain of the roller shutter to know if the shutter is lifting or not.

Poor Electricity Supply

Although London never lets its people suffer from the inadequate power supply. But who has seen the unforeseen situations? In case, it is the fault in the power supply, then, first of all, you should check if only your property is facing this problem or the whole of London is suffering from it. Only then, determine whether an electrician needs to be called or not.

Final Comments!

None of us has made our roller shutters drink the elixir, that these will not suffer from any wear and tear. (It’s a sarcasm) the roller shutter which never encountered the repair issues is not a roller shutter. (Enough of the jokes).

If your roller shutter has fallen prey to any of the aforementioned, then immediately call for the professionals who will help you with the repairs.

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