What all do you need to know about the working of the roller shutters?

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What all do you need to know about the working of the roller shutters?

All about Security Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are available in the tubular motor functioning. No matter what type of shutter you get, they will function properly to ensure the safety and security of your place in all regards. You can trust them for the installation of Roller Shutter Repair in London. Have you ever given thought to understand the working of roller shutters and what all parts are present in them?

What are the parts of the roller shutter?

  • Cheek plate

The roller shutter is in place with a curtain and 2 load-bearing plates support them. It’s another name is endplates. The cheek plates are in support of the building structure along with adequate fixings.

  • Flag post

The cheek plate is either at a vertical angle or welded directly to the flag post. The vertical angle helps to provide additional support & make the installation go with ease.

  • Roller assembly

The roller shutter is in place due to the full-width roller and on each end, there are cheek plates. The roller shutter also has a steel tube that contains 2 ends – one of them has a tubular motor and another one with a shaft.

  • Tubular motor

The tubular motor contains an overhead barrel assembly that has an override eye, a limited pair of switches, and an electrical wire feed which helps in controlling the shutter curtain. This also helps the shutter to be in the stationary position for a long time.

  • Safety brake

If anything goes wrong with the shutter, then a centrifugal brake will be helpful. In case, the operational brake is not working correctly then or the speed is uncontrollable then the safety brake will work to help them come to a halt. Once the brake is activated then it needs to be reset. If the break is not working correctly then make sure that you get it replaced.

  • Guides

Through the 2 sides guides the curtain will move up and down. The design of these is in the U-shape.

  • U-cup bearing

In the absence of the safety brake, the bearing or u-cup is fitted on the cheek plate so that the barrel is supported.

  • Curtain

A curtain is a material that helps to shut the area present between the guides. The material used for making it is aluminum or steel & it even helps in interlocking them together.

  • Canopy cover

Its other name is hood. The fitting is optional. The material used it in galvanized steel & which helps in protecting the curtain from harmful weather conditions like dust and rain. You can say that it is one of the safety requirements which needs to be there in the shutter installation.

  • Bottom rail

The bottom section and the end part are the curtains which are in either L or T shape. It helps in giving additional rigidity.

The aluminum roller shutter will come with an anodized silver-finished look or the powder-coated material, which can be available in different options. The ones with steel need to be pre-treated and side guides will be powder coated. With the powder-coated finish, the shutter will be durable and extremely strong also.