What are the different tactics to fix a jammed Security Roller shutter?

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What are the different tactics to fix a jammed Security Roller shutter?

Roller shutters are generally classified into two types. One being manual requires human effort and another is mechanized or automatic which requires a perfect internal system for smooth external functioning. Roller shutters are meant to give a secure look and feel to your shop. For as much as roller shutters are made up of many complex parts, the reasons for the roller shutter to become stuck increases.

  • Battery Replacement:

Sooner or later, batteries of roller shutters may get dead. They need timely replacement. With this, we can get rid of fluctuating electrics. If after replacing the batteries, the electrics are still fluctuating then the assistance of a professional has to be sought.

  • How to smoothen the jammed components?

In the due course, components of the shutter could get seized. We can clear this up by spraying some kind of grease (lubricant) on the immobilized parts.

  • How to repair shutter bindings?

It is thinkable that fault in the bindings of roller shutter may contribute to the uneven functioning or operation of the shutter. Untie the bindings to oversee the faults. If any of the bindings is found faulty then one must get it replaced with the same details and specifications as of the others. It is always to seek the assistance of a professional in such matters. Professionals will not only guide you right but also help you to know about the pros and cons of all the available slats and bindings.

  • What happens when a chain is stuck or jammed?

Contributing to the long term use of the roller shutter without maintenance, the shutter chain may lose its grease and become seized up. In such situations, they need to be replaced. Again it is advised to get the chain from the same manufacturer from which you have bought the shutter. If one wants to do it oneself, then it can be simply done. At the top of the shutter, there is a box in which the chain is to be restored. It is preferable to spray emollient i.e WD-40 before installation.

  • How to do the maintenance of roller shutters?

It is very essential to do timely maintenance of the roller shutters:


Roller shutters must be cleaned at regular intervals otherwise the dust particles get accumulated in the shutter and that becomes the reason for constant jam.


It is a kind of maintenance to repaint the shutter. Repainting helps to get rid of corrosion that can probably become one of the reasons for the shutters being seized.


Oiling the shutter once a week helps its components to retain the grease.