What are the top things you need to know about aluminum roller shutters?

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What are the top things you need to know about aluminum roller shutters?

Looking for home improvement then you might be wondering which product you need to get. Ideally, aluminum zinc coated shutters are the perfect choice. Many people get them installed on different occasions because of the benefits it provides.

You need to contact the professionals for reliable service of installation and shutter repair. The aluminum zinc coated shutters are effective and they are unique as compared to other shutters.


ADV team has been around for years

ADV team has been working for years in giving the quality service for roller shutters. The experienced team gives the most reliable and quality product which lasts for many years. The aluminum shutters are powder-coated which improves the home appearance and safety factor also.

Years of research have been done to get the improved and latest technique for manufacturing the shutters. Around 8 years of research have concluded that coating of 55 percent aluminum, 43 percent zinc, and 1. 6 percent silicon is the ideal combination for getting the shutters.


ADV aluminum shutters are 4 times better than galvanized steel shutters

  • This fact is based on studies done in Europe, Australia, and North America. All the studies are based on around 30 years of atmospheric exposure at marine, rural, and industrial sure to agree on one thing that ADV shutters are up to 4 time more corrosion resistant as compared to galvanized steel for shutters.
  • Some studies have also included tests like AZ and galvanized steel shutters which does not show the sign of corrosion. In this case, cut edges remain the same. The galvanized steel shutters developed rust marks on cut edges and with time they succumbed to corrosion.


Feature of Thermal efficiency

ADV shutters feature matte metallic finished which helps in reflecting heat. This helps in showing the interior of the building and helps to keep the place cool in summer and warm in winter. Moreover, they can also withstand the high temperature of around 300 degrees Celsuis.


AZ shutters can also withstand operating temperatures of up to 300°C. That explains why AZ shutters are also ideal for industrial use.


Increased appearance looks

People who get the shutters hope that they get the satin smooth finish for years. Additionally, the shutters are also the perfect choice to suit the different weather conditions and help to deal with the shutter repair and maintenance part. The shutters are extremely durable and versatile.


Aluminum shutters are eco-friendly

The aluminum material is eco-friendly which means it can be reused again during the manufacturing process. It won’t harm the environment in any manner and your entire premises will be safe and secure. All the correct measures are put into mind while manufacturing the shutters which makes them extremely safe for the environment.


Contact the Experts

You can even get them customized in the design, shape, and color you like. For more information, contact our team.