What makes powder coating the best choice to enhance your shopfront?

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What makes powder coating the best choice to enhance your shopfront?

There is no doubt that a shopfront is the best choice to boost your business presence. Making it eye-catching and unique is extremely important. Well! That is possible when your shopfronts are powder-coated. To get the best possible option that makes your shop front look unique you should hire professionals. ADV contractors have a team of experts who handle both small-scale and large-scale clients. With our team of professionals, you can get reliable service from roller shutter manufacturing to roller shutter Repair in London. In addition, we provide the shopfront which matches your entire place.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is like a dry finishing method that has become popular since the 1960s. The best part is that you can get this for several products but for the shopfront business it is the best choice because of its durable finish and high-quality look.

Apart from that, you can get in the decorative finish along with colors of your liking. So, to make your shop front stand out this is what you need to get.

What is the process of powder coating?

Powder coating is dependent on the polymer resin system which can be mixed with:

  • Leveling agents
  • Flow modifiers
  • Curatives
  • Pigments
  • Additional additives can be melt, cooled, mixed, and ground into the form of powder in a uniform state (kind of a baking flour)

The method of spraying is known as ESD (Electrostatic Spray Deposition) and it helps in applying an additional coating layer on the shopfront metal. The material is applied by using a spray gun.

Application of powder coating

Powder coating is applied at the factory premises and it is done by using the state-of-the-art powder coating plants which help to coat it with perfection. In addition, it can be done following the installation or for the older metal front entrance. In addition, the powder coating is:

  • Easy to use
  • Tough in nature
  • Cost-effective option
  • Environment friendly

Is powder coating durable?

Powder coating is known for its quality and this is the reason thousands of products you see around you are powder coated. With the powder-coated finish, many of the household machinery are protected and it also depends on how you use them. So, for that attractive finish, this is what you need to have. Getting the powder-coated aluminum shopfront means:

  • Highly resistant to color
  • Do not fade over time
  • Can withstand the extreme weather conditions
  • The coating is not affected due to moisture, chemical, UV light, and impact.
  • With these, you will get added protection against chipping, corrosion, scratches, fading, abrasions, and other wear-tear problems.

What are the benefits of powder coating?

  • It is pretty evident that powder coating is tough and it is the best choice. Due to its nature, it can last for a long time, and this way your shopfront will stand out.
  • It is highly durable and this is the reason people prefer to have a shopfront with a powder-coated finish.

Get the best and quality material

ADV Contractors has an in-house team of highly skilled and experienced individuals. We stick to providing high-quality material for different options like an aluminum shopfront, curtain walling, automatic door, bi-fold patio doors, and roller shutters. Choose what is best by taking help from the professionals.