Why is it important to take the measurement for roller shutter installation?

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Why is it important to take the measurement for roller shutter installation?

Roller shutters – Ultimate choice for security and privacy

Indeed, roller shutters are the preferred choice for home, store, warehouse, office, shopfronts, and many other places for increased safety and security. Investing in the security roller shutter just one time will give you added peace of privacy and security.

It is important to understand that, installing the CCTV camera, alarming system, or any other safety system is not enough. You need something extra and for that, you need to get the security roller shutter installed on your premises. In addition, be it roller shutter installation or roller shutter repair in London, you need to contact professionals.

In addition, with professional assistance, it will make sure that the roller shutters are installed with accurate measurement. Moreover, it will fit into the specific place and serve the purpose of safety, security, and privacy that you are looking for. In this blog, we will make you understand how the roller shutter width and height are measured?


How to measure width?

Roller shutter width is measured from the exterior of the window from one brick to another. The roller shutter manufacturer will measure 2 places. It includes:

  • Initially, it is taken from the window top
  • Then comes the bottom of the window

In case, both of the measurements are different from each other then make sure that the smallest measurements are considered.

Keep in mind that roller shutter manufacturers take the measurements in mm. In case you are taking the measurements on your own, then you need to be careful about it. Make sure that you check the roller shutter prices by going through the online calculator and it should be taken in mm.

How to measure height?

Well! The height of the roller shutters is measured in the same manner by measuring the outside of the window. The measurement should be taken from the 2 places which include:

  • Firstly, measure the window upper part
  • Secondly, measure from the window bottom

In case, the measurements are different from one another, then prefer the smallest measurement from both. As for width, the measurement is taken in mm and the height is also taken in mm.

How much does the roller shutter installation cost?

Ideally, the roller shutter installation will cost around $345-$600 per window. Before you consider the price factor, make sure to consider what type you want, is there anything special you want in them, which material you want, and much more. Make sure that you don’t look for anything which you cannot afford.

ADV Contractors – The best team of Roller shutter manufacturer and installation

No matter what type of roller shutter you are looking for we have got everything covered for you. Just simply tell the professionals what you want, which type (automatic or manual roller shutter), material (aluminum, steel, or anything else), or any other type which you want. If you have any other concerns in your mind then ask the professionals to give you the roller shutters as per your needs.