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Window treatment solutions – Sliding panels, Vertical cellular shades and curtains

No doubt, the vertical blinds are robust, durable and can span wide distances but not everyone is comfortable with its utilitarian style. So people are switching to the window covering for the sliding glass door. Thus today we are going to talk about sliding glass door blinds:

What are the considerations for the sliding glass doors?

  • The specialty window treatments may be expensive.
  • These do not satisfy only the outside mount purpose.
  • You can determine how the door handle compliments the window treatment.
  • You have to closely work with the designer if you want to get the specified results.

Which are the available window treatment options for the sliding glass doors?


Sliding panels which are also known as the panel track blinds are the best choice among so many fabric options. It can benefit you with the following advantages:

  • Neat, clean and sleek style
  • Easy operation
  • Versatile choice

The sliding feature which allows you to cover and uncover the window is supported by the material from which it is made of and that is flat vertical panels.

If you are a style lover then going with the panel track shades is the best option. These are available in a vast variety of fabrics and roller shades. To dominate the light, you can choose from the following fabrics:

  • Light filtering fabric
  • Blackout fabric
  • Solar fabric


To dominate the temperature, vertical cellular shades are the best possible alternative you should opt for. You can keep your room cooler by getting benefit from the insulation feature. The generation of the air pockets owing to the honeycomb-shaped fabric helps bring about insulation. These give a much better look than the vertical blinds because of the sleek and clean-lined style.

ADV contractors allow you to choose the ideal vertical cellular shades from a huge variety of colours and fabric.


If you like to choose the classic style over the custom styles, then you should try the custom curtains and the draperies. If you do not want your sliding door to get displayed because of the aesthetics, then adding the custom curtains will help in adding softness to the room.

The installation of the curtains is so easy that it requires only hanging which can be supported with the wider rod. ADV contractors can facilitate you with tons of colours, shades, textures and designs of the curtains which you are sure to get tempted from.


Sliding shutter panels are a great choice if you want to give a similar look to all the shutters in your home or you want your sliding glass a classic finish. The door can be covered with two sliding shutter panels which ensure opaque visibility.

Bottom Line

Based on your preferences and specifications, you can choose the best window treatment solution from so many alternatives. Approach us for professional guidance.