Retail Roller Shutters

Commercial & Retail Roller Shutters “Options & Specifications”

Retail shop roller shutters or commercial roller shutters must meet both aesthetic and security requirements. As an acclaimed shutter manufacturer and installer in the UK, we offer a variety of commercial roller shutters with modern specifications and fabulous finishes. These shutters are made using high-quality materials and components to leave an everlasting statement.Our uniquely designed commercial shutters are combined with undoubtable strength, toughness and elegance to suit your requirements.

Commercial & Retail Roller Shutter Specifications

ADV customized shutter characteristics;

High-Quality Curtains

The shutter’s curtain is the main display of the shutter and our curtains are available in solid, punched, perforated or Plastisol Designs in addition to Aluminium, glazed, tube and link grille curtains.

The curtain’s bottom rail bar is presented in either T or L profiles. The curtain is also laterally secured with the help of high-grade nylon end caps, attached to alternate laths.

Shutter Sizes & Operation Styles

  • 5meters Wide x 2.5meters High
  • 5meters Wide x 4.0meters High
  • Can either be manually or electrically operated

Manually Operated Roller shutters

They require the assistance of a counter balanced spring

Security- Transverse Centre Lock, Bullet Pin Locks, and or Ground Locks.

Electrically Operated Shutters

They consist of a high-quality tubular motor together with integral limit switches, safety brake, manual override, and thermal cut-out.

They are controlled by a push-button switch, Low voltage key, or rolling code remote control.

Additional or Optional Features for Electrically Operated Roller Shutters

  • Battery Backup System
  • Fire alarm
  • Group Controller System

Shutter Guides & Structure

The structure of the roller shutter is secured to the opening with the help of two full height 6mm steel angles with concealed fixings. The coil plates are fixed or welded to the angles to come up with the main upright structure.

When it comes to the guides, they are manufactured using high-grade cold-rolled 3mm galvanised steel sections. The guide channels are fastened to the main upright structure.

Design Concerns

We provide all types of commercial or retail roller shutters that enable outsiders to look into the shop or not. These generally fall under aluminium roller shutters, galvanized roller shutters, and perforated roller shutters. We are able to provide a modern finishing either by painting or polyester powder coated finish. These roller shutters are also designed to limit noise transmission and also provide maximum security.


We manufacture a wide range of commercial shutters suitable for all commercial buildings including;

  • Hospitals
  • Colleges
  • Retail Shops
  • Cafes
  • Offices
  • Factories


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