A common problem with roller shutters: Why is the roller shutter not working?

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A common problem with roller shutters: Why is the roller shutter not working?

There’s a ‘WHY’ for every problem as to why it happened or the reason behind it. Considering the importance of Why, you cannot avoid it regarding the security system. Like ‘Roller Shutters’ play an essential part in boosting home and business security. The working mechanism and functionality of roller shutters play the most significant factor in increasing the entire place’s safety, security, and privacy. But to keep them running from time to time, you need professional and on-time shutter maintenance London.

Through daily wear and tear & putting excess pressure on the roller shutter, the functioning of shutters gets down with time. The important part is to determine the problem that occurs in the roller shutter. In this article, I have mentioned the major problems that occur with shutters so that you don’t miss out on the service of Shutter Repair in London by any possible means.

6 Most common problem with roller shutter

Problem 1: The power source is down

For the electric shutters to work, it needs power. So, if the shutters are not working, check the power supply. At times, the power supply is off, which is why shutters are not operating. Turn on the power supply and then again check whether it works or not. If you cannot figure out the issue, let the professionals handle the emergency roller shutter repair London to analyze the problem.

Problem 2: Overheating makes functionality tough

At times, the shutter is used continuously. That means the motor does not get the time to rest, which leads to an overheated state. In this case, simply switch off the motor and then make it on after several minutes & see whether it works. If not, then there is something else wrong with the shutter.

Problem 3: Wrong code problem

The code used to operate the shutter is sometimes wrong, or the customers forget it. You should call the professionals to get the shutters checked as they can correct the code problem.

Problem 4: Dirt and debris all over the shutter

You won’t be able to operate the shutters easily: be it closing or opening, if dirt and dust are present on the shutter panel. Don’t let it occur, and get the shutter cleaned from time to time. There won’t be any problem when you are regular with the maintenance part.

Problem 5: Problem with proximity sensors

When proximity sensors are damaged or dirty, the shutters will have difficulty operating. Under that case, the shutter will open halfway. So, check them by shutting off the power and check if you see any signs of damage or dirt.

Problem 6: Noticeable dent and damage

Have there been any incidents where someone impacted the roller shutter? The noticeable damage or dent needs correction on time.